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Posted by Admin On23rd February 2010

Total wellness can only be achieved through synergy of your physical and emotional health. By becoming physically healthy or remaining physically healthy it is possible to reduce the risk of becoming ill, and emotional health also has a major part to play in this formula. Stress and depression are common parts of modern life but they can be reduced or even avoided in the first place. Another symptom of modern life is a poor diet that can be caused by poor eating habits, a greater reliance on processed food, or a combination of both.

The wellness industry is one that is governed towards helping consumers and individuals to improve their health. Dr Ladd McNamara, as a former doctor of nearly ten years, is one person that understands the rigors of modern life from both sides of the table. He not only saw the effects that it could have on patients but saw the effect that working long hours and enjoying minimal time with his family had on his own emotional well being. In 2003, Dr Ladd McNamarae took early partial retirement in order to become a part of this wellness industry.

Dr Ladd McNamara thoroughly researched the wellness industry, paying particular attention to the vast number of nutritional supplements that were available. The results surprised even him, with medical testing proving that many of these supplements could be used to improve or regain health. They could supplement our everyday diet in order to bring better physiological balance to our lives. Now an independent associate with a major wellness manufacturer, Dr Ladd McNamara encourages others to follow his path.

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